The first time he donned a pair of his now signature performance footwear, a pair of blue suede shoes, A. T. Branch jokingly dubbed himself “The Long Lost Grandson of Elvis”. On the surface, the comparison seems a bit far-fetched, but when you peel back a few layers, you realize that maybe he was on to something: Both, when starting out, were told they had strange voices; both enjoyed service to the U. S. Army; and both found their roots in Gospel and R&B, but possessed a heart for an edgier Rock & Roll/Alternative sound. He grins, “If only I had the dance moves to match!” 


That amalgamation of sonic influences (from his earlier Motown days, to Mississippi teen years, and current dwelling among the streets of Music City) is the lifeblood to the music that A. T. Branch creates. It is soul-filled storytelling of a church boy going through self-described, “Rock Puberty,” meant to challenge, engage, inspire or connect Branch’s growing community. His writing focus tends to be for the heart-broken or love stricken and the socially conscious renegade, but not one for shunning, his arms are open to everyone willing to appreciate his art.

Fresh off his completion of 8 years of active duty service and departure from the military, he is currently working diligently to release his introductory EP to the world in Summer of 2019. In the meantime, you can find him (or maybe his Alter Ego “Grampy Andy”) in NashVegas cutting his teeth at writer’s rounds and finding new ways to keep you entertained.